Mesh and Mesh Constructions

Welded Mesh for Reinforced Concrete Constructions

TU 14-178-266-94, ТU 14-1-5272-2006

Steel mesh is suitable for concrete reinforcement.

Steel Stranded Hexagonal Mesh

GOST R 51285-99, TU 14-178-351-9

Mesh is suitable for manufacturing mesh constructions and fencing.

Gabion Constructions

GOST Р 52132-03, TU 14-178-350-98

Mesh conctructions are suitable for bank-, slope- and ditch consolidation, ground reinforcing, erosion-preventive and landscape works.

3D-Welded panels with V-shaped bend. LIGHT Serie

Wire diameter 3,0 mm

3D-Welded panels with V-shaped bend. STANDARD Serie

Wire diameter 4,0-5,0 mm

2D-Welded panels. BARRIER Serie

Wire diameter 4,0-6,0 mm

2D-Welded panels. HARD Serie

Wire diameter 4,0-8,0 mm