Low-carbon Steel Wire for General Purpose Applications

GOST 3282-74; EN 10218-2-2001; TU U 27.3-05393145-001-2004; DSTU EN 10218-2-2001

Used for manufacture of nails, plaited and welded mesh, baling in industry and construction sectors. Depending on application area the product can be supplied without coating or with zinс coating, heat-treated or non-heat-treated…

Cold-formed reinforcing steel B500C for concrete construction reinforcement

GOST R 52544-2006

Cold-formed reinforcement wire of B500C grade is recommended as efficient substitute of rebars of grade AIII used for concrete constructions reinforcement, monolithic constructions, as well as for welded meshes and reinforcement frames manufacture…

Low-carbon Wire for Mesh Manufacture

TU 14-4-1563-89

The wire is designed for mesh manufacture; it can be produced in several types: non-heat treated: with no coating, thermal galvanized...

Polymer-coated Wire

TU 14-178-290-95, ТU 14-178-351-98

Polymer coating provides additional corrosion resistance and attractive surface appearance of finished wire products…


Low-carbon Indented Steel Wire for Concrete Construction Reinforcement (intermediate diameters)

ТU 14-1-5572-2008

Certified indented wire of intermediate diameters minimises metal weight when producing welded mesh and concrete constructions...

Carbon Wire for Mesh Production

TU 14-4-1566-89