Steel Shaped Profiles

Hot-rolled Shaped Profiles

ТU 14-1-5144-92

Profiles are produced by hot-rolling. Deliveries of batches with minimum weight of 3 tons can be supplied.

Hot-extruded Shaped Profiles

ТU 14-1-3602-2009

Profiles are produced by hot extrusion. Exclusive profile configurations not applicable for manufacture by other methods (hot-rolling, cold-rolling etc) can be produced.

High Precision Cold-formed Shaped Profiles

ТU 14-11-245-88

Tolerance frame of profile geometrical dimensions complies with the quality grade H11. The profiles do not need additional mechanical finishing (milling, peeling)

High precision flat steel profiles in coils with precision laying

EN10139, GOST 503-81, GOST 10234-77

Is used as semi-finished product in the manufacture of window and furniture fittings, auto parts (car components), elements of mechanisms in machine-building, metal grill flooring, industrial floors, shop fittings, consumer goods.