Low-carbon Wires

Dibasic Barbed Wire

ТU 14-170-219-95, ТU U 27.1.-136-001-2002, EN 10223-1


The wire consists of a pair of twisted wires (base) and sets of two or four barbs spaced at equal distances. The wire twists in one direction. Rotating the barbs around the base is possible but not exceeding 30˚. The wire which forms the barbs is wound around the base with 1 ¾ or 2 ¼ turns.

Wire manufacture:

The wire base is made of heat-treated galvanized steel wire according to GOST 3282-74 with tensile strength not less than 36 kg/mm2 (350 N/mm2) with or without zinc-coating (with subsequent phosphate polymer coating of barbed wire coils). Barbs are made of non heat treated wire according to GOST 3282-74.

The wire is distinguished by the following structure types:

  • Jowa type. Twisting begins on one of the base strands, ends on two.
  • Glidden type.  The barb is twisted on one base strand.

The wire is distinguished by the following barb quantity:

  • Two barbs
  • Four barbs




Base strand diameter, mm


Barb wire diameter, mm


Distance between the barbs, mm

         75, 100, 125, 150         

Barb length, mm

Not less than 13

Barb bend angle

Not less than 300


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Dibasic Barbed Wire ТU 1417021995, ТU U 27.1.1360012002, EN 102231