Mesh and Mesh Constructions

Welded Mesh for Reinforced Concrete Constructions

TU 14-178-266-94, ТU 14-1-5272-2006

Meshes are made of low-carbon indented wire VR-1 and cold-formed reinforcing steel of B500C class by contact-spot welding mutually crossing bars together. The notches on the rods made in every 2 to 3 mm provide better grip with the solution. Used for reinforcement of brickwork, floors, ceilings, foundations, asphalt covering, concrete sections of front fences, plastering, monolithic housing building, etc.

To reduce metal consumption of concrete products manufacture of wire VR-1 diameters 3,8 and 4,8 mm produced according to TU 14-1-5572-2008 is accaptable upon customer's request.


Certificate of conformity РОСС RU.0001.10АЯ64 № 1241633, issued by OOO Vologodskiy Center of Certification.

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Welded Mesh for Reinforced Concrete Constructions TU 1417826694, ТU 14152722006