Mesh and Mesh Constructions

Corrugated mesh

ТU 1275-001-53120023-2005

Meshes are made of high-alloy cold-drawn corrugated wire of grade 1470 N/mm2 (150 kgs/mm2) or 1568 N/mm2 (160kgs/mm2), with square and rectangular apertures. Main wires are located in strands by 3-4 pcs., the distance between strands is greater than the distance between filling threads. Meshes are produced with apertures sizes of 1.6 mm-60 mm, of wire diameter of 0,9-5,0 mm. Mesh width: 895-1230 mm.


Mesh is used in chemical industry for sorting of dry and wet materials in mineral fertilizers production.


Mesh is supplied in rolls or in the form of rectangular cards.

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Corrugated mesh ТU 1275001531200232005