Steel Fiber

Hendix 1/50 - hooked ends fiber

EN 14889-1:2006; СТО 71915393-ТУ 106-2011


Steel wire fiber Hendix 1/50 with hooked ends, randomly distributed in the concrete can reduce or even replace traditional rebar and welded mesh reinforcement. It can be applied in industrial floors, roads, strip foundation, road surfacing, bridges and other constructions with standard structural demands.


Hendix 1/50 fiber provide a good performance of reinforcement effect in the concrete while they are easy dosable with a low tendency to form clumps when added to the concrete mixture.

Recommended scope of application

  • All types of industrial floors (cut joint, jointless, pile supported)
  • Roads, strip and single foundations
Examples of projects - download PDF


Fiber dimensions and mechanical properties

Fiber diameter, mm

Fiber length, mm

Hooked ends length, мм

hook height, мм

Bend angle

Tensile strength, MPa

Modulus of elasticity, MPа

Number of fibers per 1 kg, pcs.





40° ±5°


≥ 190000

~ 3 240


  • Corrugated cardboard boxes 25 kg. Fiber in the box are oriented in the same direction for easy dosing.
  • Big Bags - 750-1000 kg.


  • Russian certificate of conformity according to GOST Р download PDF
  • European certificate of compliance with the requirements of EN download PDF

Technical standard documentation

  • Code of regulations 52-104-2006 “Steel fiber reinforced concrete structures”.
  • EN 1992-1-1 Design of concrete structures. – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
  • DIN EN 1045-1 Concrete reinforced and prestressed concrete structures - Part 1: Design and construction.
  • DAfStb Directive “Steel fiber reinforced concrete” 03/2010 (as a supplement to DIN EN 1045 for concrete structures)
  • DAfStb directive “watertight structures made of concrete” 11/2003
  • DAfStb directive “concrete structures for protection against substances hazardous for water”
  • TR34 Concrete industrial ground floors. A guide to their design and construction. (UK Concrete society CS).
  • TR550 Industrial floors design (UK Concrete society CS).

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Hendix 1/50 hooked ends fiber EN 148891:2006; СТО 71915393ТУ 1062011