Steel Fiber

Hendix prime 60/32- hooked ends fiber

EN 14889-1:2006


Steel wire fiber Hendix Prime 60/32 with hooked ends, randomly distributed in the concrete can replace traditional rebar and welded mesh reinforcement. Short and thin (l=32 mm, d=0,6 mm) it can be used in thin concrete structures of any type with maximum size of aggregates 8 – 16 mm and in all types of sprayed concrete structures in mines and tunneling.


  • Steel fiber Hendix prime 60/32 provide an optimized indicator of the aspect-ratio l/d to provide an exceptional performance in concrete.
  • The values of length and diameter were determined to ease dosing fibers into the concrete using conventional dosing equipment available on concrete-plants.
  • The geometry of the fiber is set and controlled to small tolerances and clear shaped anchorages which ensures a reliable performance in thin concrete structures and at the same time with extraordinary energy-absorption in the failure mechanism of sprayed concrete structures. A very large number of fibers per kg (2,5times greater than Hendix prime 75/52 and 4,3 times greater than Hendix 1/50 with the same dosages) ensure a maximum saturation of the concrete matrix with fibre.

Recommended applications:

  • thin-walled concrete structures of any type (tunnel lining, shells, prefabricated units, couplers and many other sprayed concrete structures in wet and dry method. Sprayed concrete as first safety-shell in tunneling-applications to eliminate the need to mount mesh in unprotected areas of loose rock in the arches.
  • strengthening of slopes or for any other application in sprayed concrete work.

The dimensions and mechanical properties:

Fiber diameter, mm Fiber length, mm Hooked ends length, мм Hook height, мм Bend angle Tensile strength, MPa Elasticity modulus, MPа Number of fibers per 1 kg, pcs.
0.60±0,04 32±1,5 2.0±1,0 1.7+0.3/-0.0 40°±5° 1450 ≥ 190000 ~ 14 075


  • Boxes made of corrugated cardboard 25 kg. Fiber in the cartons oriented in the same direction. The number of boxes on pallet - 48. Pallet weight - 1200 kg.
  • Bags type "big bag" - 600 kg.



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Hendix prime 60/32 hooked ends fiber EN 148891:2006