Steel Fiber

Hendix prime 75/62 - hooked ends fiber

EN 14889-1:2006; STO 71915393-ТU 106-2011


Fiber hendrix prime XP 75/62 is the most advanced and effective product for reinforcement of structural applications with an extraordinary demand on performance like foundations of buildings, walls, elevated and supported slabs, bridge constructions or any other reinforced concrete structure.


Hendix™ prime XP 75/ 62 is a perfect steel fiber for structural applications with high performance requirements and strength of concrete in tension. Optimized and improved anchor ensures superior performance of steel fibers.

Fiber dimensions and mechanical properties

Wire equivalent diameter df, mm Fiber length lf, mm Anchor length lw, mm Anchor hight hf, mm l/d ratio lf/df Number of fiber per 1kg, pcs total length of 10kg of fiber, m
0,75 +/- 0,04 62,00 +/- 2,00 6,9 +/- 1,00 4,0 + 0,1 / -0,3 83 4651 2883,49


To avoid the well-known balling-effect of fiber with an effective performance-oriented shape during the dosing-process this fiber is glued at the point of manufacture into leaflets. The used glue later dissolves in the fluids of the concrete in the process of preparing the fiber-reinforced-concrete-mixture without compromising the quality of the mixture. Like this the fiber Hendix prime XP 75/62 can be used even in higher dosage which does in combination with the newly developed and optimized anchorage-shape allow any desirable performance in concrete and perfectly distributed fiber in the concrete matrix. To do this Severstal-metiz uses a special water-soluble adhesive composition comprising a highly effective inhibitor to prevent the formation of micro air bubbles around the fiber by dissolving the adhesive.



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Hendix prime 75/62 hooked ends fiber EN 148891:2006; STO 71915393ТU 1062011