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2D-Welded panels. BARRIER Serie

2D welded panels are specially designed for sensitive sites and facilities requiring a high degree of perimeter protection.

Wire diameter: from 4,0 to 6,0 mm

Height of the panels: from 530 to 3000 mm

Breadth of the panels: up to 3100 mm

Pitch of vertikal rods: multiples of 50 mm

Pitch of horizontal rods: continuously variable from 25 mm


  • Airports
  • Dangerous production facilities, etc.
  • Auot and railway tracks
  • High security objects


Ts100-25 -6,0 -1530х2500 - fencing panel with a height of 1530 mm, length of 2500 mm, galvanized, aperture size 100х25 mm, wire diameter 6,0 mm.


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2DWelded panels. BARRIER Serie