Mesh and Mesh Constructions

2D-Welded panels. HARD Serie

Hard serie (wire Ø 4,0-8,0 mm): 2D-welded panels with double horizontal rod.

Wire diameter: from 4,0 to 8,0 mm

Height of the panels: from 1030 to 3000 mm

Breadth of the panels: up to 3100 mm

Pitch of vertikal rods: multiples of 50 mm

Pitch of horizontal rods: continuously variable from 100 mm


  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Airports
  • Schools and kidergartens
  • Warehouses and terminals
  • Dangerous production facilities, etc.
  • Auot and railway tracks
  • High security objects


P-Ts50/50-200-8,0/6,0/8,0-2T 2430х3000 - fencing panel with a height of 2430 mm, length of 3000 mm, galvanized and coated with polyester paint, aperture size 50/200 mm, vertical rod diameter - 6.0 mm, horizontal double rods diameter - 8.0 mm, flat.


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2DWelded panels. HARD Serie