Steel Shaped Profiles

Hot-extruded Shaped Profiles

ТU 14-1-3602-2009


Profiles are produced by hot extrusion.

Cross section form is a closed loop, formed by chain of straight and curved lines.

Technical requirements

Bar twisting around the long axis does not exceed 2° per 1 m length. 

Bar straightness is not more than 2 mm per 1 m length. 

Total straightness does not exceed the product of permissible bar straightness per one meter and bar length measured in meters. 

Convexity and concavity in cross section is not more than 1% of overall profile width.

Profiles are produced from steel grades according to EN10025, steel grade S355J2, S355JO, S235JR, S355J2; GOST 1050-88, GOST 4543-71.

Profiles can be produced from different steel grades in accordance with customers’ demand

Steel shaped profiles of any configuration according customer’s drawings can be produced.

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Hotextruded Shaped Profiles ТU 14136022009