HENDIX™ Solutions Steel Fiber for Concrete Reinforcement

HENDIX™ Solutions

“Severstal-metiz” offers customers complete technical support in design calculations and technology of HENDIX™ Solutions steel fiber application for the purpose of concrete reinforcement...

Hendix 1/50 - hooked ends fiber

EN 14889-1:2006; СТО 71915393-ТУ 106-2011

The most commonly known type of fibre world-wide, which combines good reinforcing characteristics and technological effectiveness... 

Hendix prime 75/52 - hooked ends fiber

EN 14889-1:2006; СТО 71915393-ТУ 106-2011

Steel wire fiber Hendix Prime 75/52 with hooked ends can be applied both in standard applications of steel fiber reinforced concrete, and in load bearing concrete structures (foundations, walls, ceiling slabs, pile supported floors, bridge constructions, reinforced concrete constructions)...


Hendix prime 75/62 - hooked ends fiber

EN 14889-1:2006; STO 71915393-ТU 106-2011

Hendix primeTM XP 75/62 is the most effective product for reinforcement of demanding and ambitious structural concrete structures, easy to dose even in higher dosages.